Other Services

GBL provides fast and dependable fuel supply bunkering services while maintaining product quality through meticulous fuel blending and testing procedures.


Barging is our complimentary business which is mainly provided to major oil companies and trading firms.


Blending of products (Air Sparger/Mixer) - GBL Storage tanks are capable of blending products via either an air-sparger or a mixer catering to customer needs accordingly.

Drum Filling

GBL is having fully automated and stainless steel drumming lines imported from Germany (BP matic). The entire system is flame proof (including the forklift used in operations). Currently GBL is drumming approx 100 containers a month of various products like Acetic Acid, Methanol, MEG, Toluene and Ethyl Acetate.

  • Drum and tote filling with modern, state-of-the- art filling equipment
  • Facility is equipped to handle flammable and non-flammable products
  • Trained, experienced and customer-oriented personnel providing the highest degree of service
  • Fully automated drum filling equipment in enclosed booths with vapor extraction
  • Dedicated product piping and filling lances, facilitating quick and clean changes between the various product runs
Automated drumming machine
Drumming machine
Filled Drums Ready for Export
Flame proof battery operated folk lift imported from Germany
Empty drum stock inside drumming shed
Connection for direct drumming of road tanker product