Health and safety

At GBL, we understand very well that safety is our first priority. We strongly believe that all incidents can be prevented and remain committed to achieve the goal of zero incidents. Safety is everyone's responsibility and we expect every employee to contribute to his own safety and that of others.

Everyone who works at a GBL site should be able to go home at the end of the working day without having suffered or caused harm in any way. Eliminating risk for everyone is a key element underpinning all activities undertaken by GBL. In today's complex world this requires a continuous effort from all people at the company. We can only achieve this if each employee at GBL understands the risks, realizes the critical importance of safety and knows what to do under all circumstances. Our Fundamentals on Safety provide this guidance. They form an integral part of the GBL Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management standard and are considered a minimum requirement for all GBL locations. The Safety Fundamentals describe a range of operational activities with the required safety Conditions that every person at GBL is expected to be familiar with and to comply with.

Quality policy

The GBL quality policy will be communicated and made available to all interested parties as well as posted on our website. GBL quality management system as well as this policy will be audited and reviewed minimum annually during the management review meetings and updated as necessary.

  • HSE Policy - The Company's HSE Policy, (refer to enclosed Policy) incorporating approach to safety, management control, accident/incident reporting and investigations, duties and responsibilities of personnel etc., is based on the fundamental premise that all work-related injuries and illnesses are avoidable. The Company believes that the responsibility of ensuring the Health and Safety of employees, contractors and members of public is the highest priority.

    The pillar of the Company's HSE Policy rest on raising the awareness on HSE-related issues amongst its personnel and associates. With a view to assess the level of such awareness, the Company conducts thorough internal HSE audits at all plants and offices annually. The internal audits are conducted by members of senior management team of the Company and evaluations are based on qualitative and quantitative HSE parameters. To enhance competency knowledge base and skill base, the Company conducts training of its employees throughout the year. This includes:
    • Induction training
    • Operational safety base training
  • HSE Promotional Activities – For enhancing awareness and knowledge about the HSE parameters within its employees and contractors, the Company undertakes training programs throughout the year. Further as a part of HSE promotional activities such as observance of National Safety Week, Monthly GBL HSE Day is organized on a regular basis at each location

    Monthly GBL HSE Day: Although Safety, Health and the Environment remain foremost in our minds every single day spent on the job, we also have one special day every month dedicated to HSE, known as the GBL HSE Day. On that day, staff at all GBL terminals and offices discuss HSE-related topics and carry out exercises, in conjunction with our partners and dedicated contractors. GBL's senior management is very much involved in the whole event and participates in activities at various GBL locations
  • Environment Related Initiatives - GBL is firmly committed to protect environment and prevent pollution within its plants and surrounding areas. Following initiatives are rigorously taken at each of the operational plants:
    • Monitoring of PUC of all vehicles and DG exhausts
    • Monitoring of air, water, and noise pollution by competent agencies
    • Adopting suitable techniques to recover and recycle returned material and water from Tank & Pipeline cleaning
    • Disposing- off waste materials through approved agencies.
    • Tree plantation in plants and nearby areas
  • Health-related Initiatives - GBL believes that healthy lifestyle and hygienic working conditions are conducive to improvement in productivity of its employees and associates. Some of the important initiatives taken by the Company in this respect include:
    • Pre-employment medical check-ups of all new entrants.
    • Periodical medical check-ups of employees
    • Arrangement of first aid facilities at all work locations.
    • Arrangement of clean and hygienic working conditions in the work environments.
    • Providing potable and clean water at all work locations.
    • Provision of Personnel Protective Equipment to all the employees.
    • Awareness campaigns on fatal diseases like AIDS, blood pressure, diabetic, etc.
    • Provision of fire-fighting arrangements at all the work locations.