Our Mission and Strategy

GBL's mission is to make a sustainable contribution to ensure more efficient logistics processes by being the leading provider of an independent, optimum tank terminal infrastructure at locations that are critical to GBL's customers in all regions of the world. To achieve its mission, GBL shall continue to invest in the further growth of its network to provide customer service and in continuous operational improvements. GBL has developed a strategy to realize that mission.

This strategy rests on three pillars:

  • Customer leadership: to be leading in the field of customer service at all terminals
  • Operational excellence leadership: to be the safest and most sustainable and efficient terminal operator by continuously improving its operational processes
  • Growth leadership: to be the fastest growing in selected markets by
    • Improving and expanding existing terminals
    • Developing terminals at new locations
    • Collaborating with and acquiring companies
    • Creating Terminals suitable for new products and markets, such as LPG, LNG and biofuels