A World on the move

GBL operates in a world that is constantly developing. More and more often oil products are being extracted or produced at locations other than where they are used. The same applies to chemicals, vegetable oils and gases. Furthermore, the demand for these products is continuously increasing. This results in growing logistic flows and an increasing demand for storage and transshipment services from our customers. GBL has set itself the aim to meet that demand. This means that we have to keep pace with a world that is on the move.


Our customers

GBL plays a leading international role in the storage of refined oil products, chemicals, biofuels, vegetable oils and liquefied gases. Our specialist services are provided to our customers who are active in these product areas. They include:

  • International oil and chemical companies. They have their own exploration and production facilities and operate globally. Our terminals play an important role within their international logistic networks
  • National oil and chemical companies. They are becoming increasingly internationally active. Our terminals support them in serving their national and regional markets. This involves both the export as well the import of products
  • Regional and local oil and chemical companies. Our terminals support these companies with the import and export of products
  • Producers of befouls and vegetable oils. Our terminals support these companies with the import and export of their products
  • Trading companies that focus on purchasing and selling of oil and chemical products, gases, biofuels and vegetable oils