How We Work

We are aware that we are just one link in a long chain of Import/Export, production and consumption related to the liquid bulk products that we store for our customers. Furthermore, we understand our customers' expectations to provide them the safest and most reliable and efficient logistic services possible. To achieve this, our operations are based on efficiencies, principles of transparency, loyalty and commitment to our customers' business success. We are able to deliver this in a sustainable way thanks to:

  • Our growing tank terminal network
  • Our focus on safety and sustainability
  • Our customer approach
  • Our pro-active prompt information system creates noticeable added value for our customers
  • Our anticipation of changing markets and customer needs
  • If we notice an increasing demand or changing logistic pattern in certain product areas, we observe the changes taking place in liquid storage field to ensure that we can offer our customers storage services accordingly
  • Our public status: We are listed on the stock market and strive to provide optimum transparency and increase in in shareholder's value
  • We develop the system of storage actively to minimize any environmental pollution