Lettering font selection Cartier ring, inner ring of lettering, lettering process

Lettering Cartier rings and other jewelry engraving bit different fontchoices, Cartier ring engraving service provides two options for fonts,Cartier supported inner ring of lettering, as well as lettering in the outer ring, inner and outer rings meet the needs of most of the letteringlettering, and finally to introduce Cartier ring lettering letteringprocess.

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There are two fonts to choose from. (Not Chinese, English only)


1 standard, CARTIER this font


2 spent body, sorry didn’t found like to you see, is is beautiful of that English. can carved 23 a within of English letters, including punctuation and spaces. can select some icon: and small of heart type. can selected carved line, also can carved two line (upper and lower tied) you can first wants to clear has to carved what, to that on fill lettering single has.


Now national of boutique shop are is instant of. but to see you to that home boutique shop of situation, if master rest or machine fault, new open shop, reasons may will more days. you of ring if has diamond or some special of style on cannot carved, is to has enough lettering of place, and ring within wall is flat of. another, purchase 3 months within free carved, please with sales single or certificate. overseas buy of also line.
Cartier ring inner ring of letteringvinyl
Netizens asked: did Cartier diamond ring inner ring lettering?
Enthusiastic users 1 answer: Replica Cartier ring within circle can lettering of Ah, carved Shang love, or name are can of Oh, you can find Shenzhen BVJIARI jewelry customized Ah, is home jewelry factory, has making Cartier of, they introduced of Japan advanced of jewelry production equipment and production process for Platinum gold, and Palladium gold, and k gold, and mosaic jewelry jewelry, professional of jewelry design, and production, and processing and wholesale management Yu one of enterprise. Their material wasfirst-class.
Best friend 2 a: Cartier himself does not offer engraving services! Unlessyou are very rich or famous, a little advertising can give you! Other placesyou can purchase lettering!
Cartier rings engravingengraving process

cartier love rings

Cartier rings and replica cartier love bracelets  lettering needs certain processes, generally require the counter to ring to the lettering and then back. You are open to see therings or sealing ring. Sealing ring is possible, but not diamonds or onlyhave 4 diamonds style. Within 3 months of purchase free of charge, but is to be carried out after the sale, sent directly to boutiques, filled letteringsingle and wait for notification on the line. Don’t forget to bring thecertificate. The naked eye can not see the rest imitation can’t say the bestway is to go to the monopoly to Cartier on counters, tell them you have aring you want lettering. If it is genuine, they will receive.

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