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Cartier love rings how to maintain

Cartier love rings how to maintain? Cartier rings are not only expensive and impressive. Because it may be your witness of love. So how should we care? women network for you to answer!

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1, Cartier rings worn on the hands of time, do not often touch so easilyaffect the brightness and luster of a gem.


2, take to the ring in time and maintenance, such as hand washing, showershould remove the Cartier ring, shower gel, SOAP and other materials havecertain basic components, over time will give the ring, gemstone has somedamage and residual material may exist in the ring gap in, damage to thering is beyond doubt.


3, can not be soaked in water, soaking the ring or jewelry for a long time,of chloride in tap water can damage the jewelry, and even lead todiscoloration.


4, can not use acid, alkaline cleaning rings, acid alkaline substances exertcorrosive action on Cartier ring, such as toothpaste, SOAP, laundrydetergent and other material, particularly alkaline most toothpaste, andsmall particles of wear, recommended to use neutral transfer solution orsurfactants.

Cartier diamond rings price what

Cartier diamond rings price what? even people who have never bought knows Cartier diamond rings are expensive, but diamond ring gifts beauty to choose the good, people are willing to spend. Next, the price of gold jewelry Store opened the Cartier diamond ring inside to see what makes it so expensive!

cartier rings

It is understood that the price = ring of the ring drill + fee + nude, ringnormally used in Platinum, karat gold, no matter what the Diamond brand,regular ring (Prime ring, 18K Platinum) cost the same. Price composed forCartier Cartier diamond ring brand value + loose diamond prices + ring +labor costs + diamond processing fee + stores operating costs (store rentalfees and site fees). So you will pay several times the price to buy aCartier diamond ring.


Ring of price main by Diamond of price to set of, and diamond of price positioning to from Diamond of “4C” standard to set, that weight, and net degrees, and cut and the color, “4C” in domestic, and international of identification standard consistent, Diamond of price should is very transparent, but a star high quality of diamond, from original of volcanic side mining out, to rendering in bride of ring finger Shang, price will upgrade several times.


According to insiders, in the jewelry industry, there is such a rule: ifit‘s branded diamond ring, diamond retail price rates is around 300% and ifthere is international diamond brands Replica Cartier Love Rings, price rates range from500%~700%. Wealthy consumers can go to the Cartier brand stores buy theirrings, the average consumer if you like Cartier, completely customized overthe network, spending the same amount of money, bought more Cartier diamond ring.