Quality Policy

The GBL quality policy will be communicated and made available to all interested parties as well as posted on our website. GBL quality management system as well as this policy will be audited and reviewed minimum annually during the management review meetings and updated as necessary.

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GBL Quality Policy (PDF)

Our Quality Goal
We drive quality standards in our business and continuously develop and improve our quality management system to ensure customer satisfaction by meeting, and where possible exceeding, our customer's requirements.

Our Mission
To deliver- innovative and sustainable logistics solutions of Liquid cargo.

Our Commitment and Objectives

  1. Understanding customer needs and make certain we deliver what we promise with focus on quality, efficiency and environment.
  2. Build long term customer relationships through contracts that deliver on short and long term customer outbound logistics requirements.
  3. Work together with customers to create optimal operational solutions that differentiate ILSL from competition.
  4. Provide cost effective and flexible solutions to our customers.
  5. Promote mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and in particular to encourage and improve the supplier performance and quality to create value for both.
  6. GBL remains an environmental forerunner in developing innovative and sustainable solutions to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment.
  7. Top management is committed to communicate the organizations strategy and polices clearly to staff ensuring that all employees understand and meet the requirements of the GBL quality system.
  8. Focus on continuous improvement and transfer best practice to be able to always deliver quality solutions to our customers.