What We Do

GBL’s history goes back almost 2 decades. Nowadays the company is the India’s largest provider of conditioned storage facilities for bulk liquids and chemicals. Whether it involves liquid or gaseous chemicals, oil products, petrochemicals, biofuels, vegetable oils or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) we offer complete storage and handling solutions at 3 terminals, covering and connecting the India’s major shipping lanes. GBL offers more storage capacity than any other independent tank terminal operator in the locations it is present. Our fast and successful growth in recent years results from providing services that address a single, but crucial part of the supply chain and to take it one step further. Our operational and safety standards apply to every location on which we operate. This means that we offer a uniform quality wherever our clients take their shipments, condition their products, and keep them safe and secure. We treat the products entrusted to us with the utmost care, from ship to shore and from shore to inland transportation. With 3 decades of experience in storage and transshipment, GBL is almost genetically dedicated to safety and customer service. Total commitment to our customers’ success has resulted in excellent long-term relationships with them. The continuing growth and the increasing scale of its activities make GBL an attractive partner for our international and regional customers.

The wide range of storage and handling services which we offer on a global scale include, amongst others:
  • Conditioned storage;
  • Heating and/or cooling of stored products;
  • Product blending to customer specifications;
  • Product transfer (from and to trains and road tankers, from ship-to-ship);
  • Drumming.